Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Day That Delara Executed

A Short Story

That morning pigeons and swallows were still afraid to sit on the prison walls. They had heard a scream at dawn that made them startled.
They turned their heads around to see if other birds dare to sit on the wall, there was a place in the shadow where there was no barbed wire, they could find a place to nap and watch depressed prisoners.

But today they could nt see that girl with kind smile who weared a blue scarf with hands full of rice and little bread for them.

Finoosh lifted her dog, cuddeled and put the leash on. Her English boyfriend placed a coffee in front of her and she lit a Marlboro Light cigarette with her silver Esfehan lighter.
‘Fuck’ she cried out as she looked at her Persian Blog stats ‘Humanisit Online’.
Her boyfriend finished his coffee and came towards her ‘what’s up’ he asked.
‘I had 200 vistors less last night’ He laughed and said ‘fuck you come on lets cycle to the beach’.

Finoosh wore a red top and black mini skirt, took her dogs leash and shouted out ‘Hey jerk, bring something to eat too’

Finoosh’s cute fancy dog was barking at a sparrow which was sitting on the fence, the sparrow jumped up, a cat was planning to take the bird, looked fretful at the dog.

Haj Agha(Mullah) who was sitting in his large chair. moving his buttocks between the cushions, he belived get a pain in his arse when sit in this seat and has to use cushions underneath his arse.
He gulped some of his tea and turned his pile of files upside down on the desk in front of him. ‘aha the Delaram Darabi file, executed today at 5 AM,... Coroners Report...

He threw the file on a pile for archiving and gulped some more of his tea and threw some of the first class raisons in his mouth.He took another file, flicked through it quickly, signed it and tossed it in the ‘action‘ tray.

He took his glass and picked a file in his other hand. The file was heavy and he dropped it and at the same time his cell phone rang ‘dam it’ he always said this when he was angry. He answered the phone, firstly with cold voice and when he understood that he was being invited to a party he grinned ‘yes of course, at your service…hafezkomalallah’.

When he had finished his call his belly rumbled and he shouted ‘ MAMMAD’ and Mammad rushed to open the door and putting his head around the door he said ‘ yes Haj Agha?’ Haj Agha pointed to the pile of files and said ’take those for archiving’.

Mammad opened his arms and grabbed the files. He was going through the door when Haj Agha whispered ’ bring me something to eat on your return’. Mammad said ’yes Haj Agha’ and closed the door with his elbow.

His foot caught on his chair outside Haj Agha’s office and he tripped, dropping a few of the files all over the place. ‘Fuck your sister’ he said as he picked up the files.He caught the glance of the
tricky Chief of Staff and turned his head to the floor.

BY: Omid Habibinia

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