Saturday, April 18, 2009

Demonstrate: Stop the execution of Delara Darabi

Demonstrate: Stop the execution of Delara Darabi
Date: Mon 20 April 2009
22 year old Delara Darabi has been on death row since 2006, convicted of a crime committed when she was just 17. We have just learned that she could be executed over the next few days. The situation is critical. Please join Amnesty International's demonstration in London to stop this happening.
Act now - Send an appeal to the Iranian authorities to stop Delara's execution
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Event venue
Outside the Iranian Embassy in London.16 Prince's Gate London SW7 1PT
Time 09:00

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  1. Please do not execute delara , please consider about what is saying about her boyfriend at the time she to young and listened

    .to the boy friend to protect him.