Friday, April 17, 2009

News Bulletin 1

while the remaining time to execution of Delara Darabi is passing quickly, her lawyer, Abdolsamad Khorramshahi, in his latest statement in the media which has been published in Etemad newspaper as well, has asked people to help this girl, buy trying to ask the victim's family to grant the required pardon.
in the meantime a group of journalists and artists are putting their effort`s in using the last and only way left to save Delara's life by asking the victim's family to issue this delara's execution date was getting closer her life and her story have made headlines in Iranian and international media in many ways and finding any excuse such as Assieh Amini's effort to start an exhibition of Delara's paintings in Tehran, to save her life. also Voice of America's Persian TV is going to dedicate a special to her life based on people's request to ask the decendent's family to
issue the pardon.
Le Figaro, Le humanite, El Ecomunista, Il Journale, Aftonbladet, Courier della Sera, Tribune, Independent, and L.A. Times are amongst the members of the international media who has expressed their concern to Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to save Delara's life. Many journalists and bloggers have invited people to send text messages to everyone they know saying" please do not execute Delara".
till recent hours Darabi family has asked the victim's family to issue a pardon to stop the execution. " we are begging for the last grievance to save our daughter's life from the victim's family. we ask the authorities, the artists, and the intellectuals to help up save her life."

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  1. It would be one of the best news i've ever heard,if your efforts give a new life to a youth.but we should consider this point,that she's murderer,and an artist
    I guess we should aiming to stopping execution,not for her but for everyone